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World Champion | Pan Am Games Gold Medalist
Speaker | High Performance Coach | Olympic Psychologist

What do you do when you are an elite athlete and the wins stop? The plan for professional BMX racer Jason Richardson had been simple. He traded training for studying and gotten his undergrad and graduate degrees while racing. Post retirement he planned to transition into corporate life, using his MBA in Global Marketing to help companies expand their reach. One problem: while this was a fit, it wasn't the best one.

Anyone who has listened to Jason in the commentator's booth at a race, seen him at a public speaking engagement or sat and talked to him about husband life, fatherhood or cars knows that at his heart, "J Rich" is a people person. Helping corporate brands expand their reach just missed the mark.  What actually excited him was working  to help the people in those corporations build and expand their personal brands in order to build stronger companies.  So, Jason course corrected; again splitting his time between the track and the classroom, earning a Doctorate in Psychology.

This latest achievement gave Dr. Jason Richardson the tools to start on his new journey, but his old one was not quite over. Jason continued racing, winning gold at the Pan American Championship and landing a sponsorship with one of BMX's oldest and largest companies. When he retired - as the number three ranked racer in the Elite Men's division - the wins hadn't stopped but the focus had shifted.

Dr. Richardson had thousands of hours of conversations, aiding people in overcoming their own limitations; coaching Olympic athletes, executives, and people who were stuck in a proverbial rut. The one thing that united them all:
The desire to do more, get better and be happier!
This realization pushed Jason to formulate the base of his approach, that a #ChampionshipLife requires that you recognize and play on your strengths while recontextualizing your weaknesses. Treating your day to day mentality the way a champion athlete approaches physical training will allow you to maximize not just your potential, but your achievements. In short Dr. Richardson's program focuses on helping you be:

More. Better. Happier.

Bringing the experience and insights of a professional athlete, marketer, entrepreneur and psychologist to his practice, Dr. Jason Richardson is uniquely qualified to coach you to achieving your full potential. Not one to simply talk the talk, Jason continues to ride Mountain Bikes and BMX with the best in Southern California sharing his training—both physical and psychological—on his Instagram page (@RealDrJRich). Over a decade after retiring from professional competition, Dr. Richardson is here to show that you are always capable of living a #ChampionshipLife.

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Jason has shared his talents as a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, and author to some of the world's most well known entities.

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Your beliefs about yourself, the world, and others dictate your attitude, your behavior, and your results.

Jason's work is about you, your team, and your family. He takes your business personally!

ALL of his coaching clients work to live the Championship Life - defining and creating wins in Business, Sport, and Life!

It's time to start living your Championship Life…!
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 "What is the point if we are not enjoying our successes, sharing our wins, and teaching what we've learned?"

More. Better. Happier.