More Better Happier

A psychologist's letter to his kids, disguised as leadership


"What if a retired, world champion, professional athlete gave you life advice?

What if that athlete was an Olympic coach, business consultant, and Doctor of Psychology?

More Better Happier is a guide to get you unstuck as written by your friend who always has good advice (and a doctorate). Less, "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" and more "how to figure out what to sweat,"; this book asks you, "What do you want?" and breaks down the steps you can take to recognize, modify, achieve, and expand your goals.

In this book, dr. jason Richardson gives you the advice that you wanted as a child and need as an adult; drawing on experience as a world champion athlete, psychologist, and most importantly--a persona navigating life's success and failures. Covering topics ranging from learning from a devastating 8th-grade loss to dealing with your family with differing political opinions, to determining if you're ready to make the big move to chase your dream, to what to do when you have everything you always wanted--this book is your guide to finding more success, playing better, and living happier."
- George E. Jones, Jr.

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Chapter Preview

Chapter 1 - Election Cycle
Chapter 2 - Rules for Engagement
Chapter 3 - Domestic Silence
Chapter 4 - Essential Truths
Chapter 5 - 4 Reasons You Might Not Be Getting What You Want
Chapter 6 - Essential Questions
Chapter 7 - One Thing
Chapter 8 - Play the Whole Feild, Win the Whole Game
Chapter 9 - Walking Strongly
Chapter 10 - Oh, You HAVE the Energy!
Chapter 11 - Paradox and Irony Are Built In
Chapter 12 - Restarted
Chapter 13 - Last Question


"This is one of those books you just can't put down. Disguised as a letter to his kids filled with so many AHA becomes a fun exploration and manual within a story-driven ride by embracing the three real core areas of your own life. Don't walk, run. It's that good!"

Bryan Kramer
CEO at PureMatter & H2H Companies, Best Selling Author of books: USA Top 100 Book 'Shareology' and "Human-to-Human', TEDTalk

"I believe this book is truly a snapshot of Jason’s best attributes as a Psychologist, Athlete, and Entrepreneur. He has the rare ability to call you out on your limitations with wit and kindness, and help you get refocused on the right steps to help you become more, better, and happier."

Dr. Melissa Longo
Lifestyle & Practice Design Entrepreneur

"Most people assume there is only so much room at the top. Most people say things like, or accept sayings like, “You can’t win every time.” A trope that movie makers and the news media like to purport is the underdog always being nobler. Most people think… like most people. And, most people aren’t thinking about the whole field. Most people can’t win every time, but they can win more times than they think. Especially if they take the time to define their wins."


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