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Boost your performance with a proven and uniquely qualified champion.

I, Jason Richardson will be your direct point of contact as we develop strategies, insights and systems to grow your opportunites, strengthen relationships, and improve your health.

We will use a cognitive, behavioral, and human approach to help you achieve your goals. This means performing at your best when it counts and growing your opportunities in the process!

My service is about leveraging inherent strengths, skills, and talents. We will restructure how you think, perceive yourself, and view the world to move forward.


You (The Client)

  • Commitment to our work
  • Weekly Reporting
  • Adherence to training concepts/practices
  • Responsiveness to communications
  • Willingness to be open and challenged


Me (Dr. Jason Richardson)

  • Personal Coaching & Consulting 
  • Guidance on mindset (Psycho-education, Neuro-psych)
  • Positive Psychology Practices/Tools
  • Access to my materials and publications
  • Access to my professional contacts as needed/warranted
  • Spot-coaching

MBH Process

Success + Health + Fulfilment = #ChampionshipLife

Personal Coaching

Performance Based
Empricially Validated Processes
Centered on Your Needs

As a clinically trained psychologist, coach, AND former World Champion athlete with an MBA, I am uniquely positioned to help at any level in your professional, athletic, or entrepreneurial career. You certainly have your choice in coaches or psychologist, but I am certain there are few who are both and have the proven track record by way of personal and client achievements.

The following is certain provided you do the work:
- Uncover negative behavioral patterns
- Gain clarity & insight re: wants, goals, and expecations
- Improved physical emotional health
- Increased EQ
- Sustainable success habits
- Transferable skills across domains
- Neurological rewiring (brain change)
- You become a stronger person

- More wins
- Better performance
- Happier life

After your application has been reviewed and accepted:
Sesssion packages may be purchased in groups of 12 or 24, or we may decide a retainer package is better suited to help you meet your goals. Retainer packages are offered in 6 month increments.

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