Being A Champion Increases
Your True Impact!

Uniquely Qualified.
• World Champion Athlete
• PanAm Games Gold Medalist
• MBA Global Management
• Doctorate in Psychology
• Keynote Speaker
• Mastermind Facilitator
• On-air Host / Commentator
• Olympic Psychologist

Keynote Topics

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It's All BS!
How Your Belief System Keeps You From Winning.

Here is the deal, every success and failure can be traced back to a belief. The problem is most people don’t even realize their brain is operating from a faulty premise! Good news… It’s TOTALLY possible to build a bigger, better, stronger belief (one that helps you win more, play better, and live happier!) Are you ready to uncover the one thing that is holding you back?
In this brilliantly edutaining 45-60 min presentation, World Champion athlete and Olympic Psychologist, Dr. Jason Richardson teaches us the neuroscience of belief and how you can use the Belief Matrix to coach yourself (team) in to better returns. You will also learn how to reprogram yourself (team) for more success. Jason will literally give you the important plays from his pro athlete playbook.
You will leave smarter and motivated to build better beliefs. You and your (team) will learn how to override the negativity that gets in the way of (y)our potential.
Are you ready to start building?
Win The Day. Everyday!
Essential Questions and Truths--Forcing You to Level Up In Your Business / Sport / Life!
Most people wait for the win, wait to be happy, or wait ’til it’s “their time”— the problem with this strategy is it assumes loss and decreases engagement. Waiting for the weekend and waiting for the day to end DOES NOT help you or your team win the day! But, what if you learned how to win everyday… regardless of the time, or day, or…?
In this very candid 45-60 min presentation, World Champion athlete and Olympic Psychologist, Dr. Jason Richardson pushes us to ask the right questions—ones that will drive you [your team] to act immediately! You [your team] will learn master the art of self reflection AND learn how to reorganize the playing field to your favor with the use of Dr. Jason’s Infinity Planning tool.
Up your emotional intelligence to put more points on the board and increase your bottom line.
So… Can you handle the truths?

Keynote Spotlights

Video 1 - NFL Players Assoc. Joint Conf. | Video 2 - What Do You Want | Video 3 - Strong Beliefs | Video 4 - Being Better


"Dr. JRich is quick out of the gate; I've seen him catapult human beings forward, making it about THEM and their success - and genuinely celebrating the innate abilities we all have to make a difference in our OWN lives, whether personally or professionally (and aren't these really interwoven anyway?). Bring Dr. JRich in to coach, consult, speak, bring his book(s) to life, and then keep him close at hand, because you'll want more."

Lynn Abate-Johnson
Social Business Specialist, Business Consultant, Kickass Community Director, Intrapreneur

"You were AWESOME Jason Richardson. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and inspiring so many in this beloved profession of ours. You are a testament to personal and professional development. I re-listen to your talk periodically, and always am moved by that amazing address. Again, Thank You!!!"

Tim Schaub
Co-Founder Chirosushi

"Dr. Richardson has the proven ability to improve the performance of both individuals and organizations. Whether your a sales team wanting to make more sales, a training/H.R. division wanting to improve productivity or an Olympic athlete competing for a Gold Medal, Dr. JRich has the track record you are looking for. He has the rare ability to take the psychology needed for success and put it into action. He does this not only in his own life but in the lives of his clients. If you are playing to win, Dr. JRich is someone you want on your team!"

Dr. Bill Redford
Charter School Developer

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"Being a Champion Increases Your True Impact!"

jason richardson, mba, psyd.

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