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“Being a winner in life extends beyond the scoreboard, the track and the field.”

“It’s All BS! We’re All Wrong, And You’re All Right!” breaks down how and why our beliefs can help us or hurt us. This book offers practical advice and application of fundamental principles governing human behavior and high performance.

“Championship rings are sold on eBay by ring holders who found themselves either broke, in legal trouble, or just plain desperate. If only they applied the same mindset to their off-the-field life as they did to their game. If only they embraced the same belief system they held when they were on the field of play. If only they recognized the game was not confined to the minutes on the shot clock or the seconds between the start and finish line.”

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Chapter Preview

Chapter 1 - You've Been Told NO More Than you Know.
Chapter 2 - The Honest Lie
Chapter 3 - Raw Data vs. Interpreted Data
Chapter 4 - We're All Black Sheep
Chapter 5 - The CEO
Chapter 6 - Self-Esteem is Not Enough - But You Are!
Chapter 7 - This is Some BS! Belief Systems
Chapter 8 - Will That Be Paper Or Plasticity?
Chapter 9 - The Infinite Continuum: Been There, Done That!
Chapter 10 - Fighting Over The Emote Control: Feelings are Not Facts
Chapter 11 - You Better Reconcile! Start Counting...
Chapter 12 - The Market: It's Bigger Than You
Discretionary Bonus(es) Chapter - Work, Play, Life: Profit and Loss Statement


"If you want to be creative, entrepreneurial and successful, then sometimes the biggest obstacle you’ll have to overcome is yourself. I believe we come into the world hungry for imagination, beauty and adventure … ‘It’s All BS! We’re All Wrong, And You’re All Right’ delves into the psychological and spiritual territory where viewpoints are born and outcomes realized."

Jan Gordon
Founder of Curatti

"It’s all B.S.!’ is far from empty optimism! This book provides practical and tangible insight into how to win when it matters most – in life! Dr. Richardson provides an immersive reading experience of cornerstone psychological concepts that lead to a new level of owner ship of our lives."

Anthony Hylick, Ph.D.
IBM Research, Executive Director of E-Qubed, Co-Author of “Plan ‘B’ Sucks.”

“Moments are what we aim for—being crowned champion, accepting the diploma, watching your child take his or her first steps. Indelible time stamps in our minds, and fleeting just the same. The moment there’s a slight shift in perspective or a nudge in a particular direction is all it takes to experience exponential gains down the road.”


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