The Belief Systems Book


“It’s all B.S.! We’re All Wrong, and You’re All Right!” 


This book explores our respective Belief Systems (“B.S.”) in a very approachable fashion and causes the readers to ask questions of themselves that help them unlock hidden potential and move past what often holds us back.

Being a winner in life extends beyond the scoreboard, the track, and the field. Gem-encrusted championship rings are sold on eBay by ring holders who found themselves either broke, in legal trouble, or just plain desperate. If only they applied the same mindset to their off-the-field life as they did to their game. If only they embraced the same belief system (hereafter referred to as “B.S.”) they held when they were on the field of play. In the game of life, anybody can win, but not everyone is a winner or believes they are!

Moments are what we aim for—being crowned champion, accepting the diploma, watching your child take his or her first steps. Indelible time stamps in our minds, and fleeting just the same. The moment there’s a slight shift in perspective or a nudge in a particular direction is all it takes to experience exponential gains down the road.  And it really does just take moments!

                       "Challenge Your Perception, Change Your Results." ~ @RealDrJRich

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