“I highly recommend Dr. Jason Richardson. He doesn’t just talk the talk. He engages his clients in walking the walk; following through within the framework of THEIR real life experiences. He gives practical and real-life help. You may eventually get to the place you want to be, but with Dr. Jason, you will progress so quickly, that it almost feels like you are catapulted. Talk about generating results!! People need mentors that are skilled, and highly trained to address today’s demands. Athletics, college entrance, life in transition/wanting to go to the next level - Dr. Jason provides REAL tools to help juggle it all. If you want to get where you want to go - and THEN some - working with Dr. Jason can move you forward in ways that no one else can. This is what sets him apart, hands down!”
— – Nicole Abaté Ducarroz, (Parent, Entrepreneur, School Board Trustee, and retired Software Engineer)
“I have enjoyed working with Dr. Jason Richardson, our sessions have not only been productive, but fun, and I always walk away from them enlightened. He has provided me with the tools to cope with high pressure race situations, coached me with my BMX technique, taught me how to properly visualize and achieve my goals, and used the latest neuroscience techniques with me to create that optimal mental state every athlete strives for. I believe that our preparation together directly attributed to my success in becoming the first American woman to win a SX World Cup and qualify for the 2012 London Olympic team. While the BMX training was integral to my performance, its the life lessons Jason has taught me that I value the most, becoming not just a better athlete but a better person. Thanks Dr. J!”
— Arielle Martin, 2012 Olympic Qualifier
“I have used a sports psychologist throughout most of my professional cycling career. I find it helps work out solutions to a wide variety of dilemmas a lot faster and with unbiased perspective. “Dr. J-RICH” has been a part of my performance team for about a year, but I have known him for a very long time from his previous career as a professional athlete. He understands the pressure of top performance, has lived a worldly life, and is a champion himself. Beyond those amazing qualities he is very funny and easy to relate to. Some of his metaphors, and common terms have me smiling for days. Bottom line is that belief in myself and my abilities have won so many titles. Dr. J ensures I keep myself in an open state of mind to keep checking off boxes so that I am able to stand at the top of em:) thx-”
— – Jill Kintner, Olympic Bronze Medalist, World Champion Mountain Biker
“Jason has the benefit and talent of being able to “connect the dots” where and when it is needed. His passion is helping people reach their highest levels. He consistently exhibits the skill to communicate with individuals to facilitate positive and lasting change.”
— Dr. Rob Irwin, Ph.D (Performance Psychologist/Co-author #ItsAllBSBook
“I sailed through the academic term using strategies we worked on. After an unsteady start, his talks put me back on heading. Thank you for your outstanding coaching and insight. Our work together made the difference.”
— Andrew S. (Champion Skydiver, Credentialed Educator
“All my life I’ve had a passion for two things: bicycles and competition. After years of dedication, I was fortunate enough to compete at an elite level, travel the world, and live out my childhood dreams. However, injuries ultimately ended my racing career. Retiring from competition created a void in my life. Sensing this, Dr. Jason challenged and encouraged me to create and achieve new goals. Inspired by Dr. Jason, I decided to pursue a career as a lawyer. Since then, he has helped me manage the stress created by law school. His tailored approach has given me the confidence to succeed. I am thankful to Dr. Jason for helping me successfully transition into my new career.”
— Chris Powell, Esq. (Retired Pro Mountain Biker, Former Editor-in-Chief, California Western Law Review