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Teaching, transforming, and evolving your mindset for a more fulfilling life - equipping you with knowledge and actions-steps needed to succeed.

A series of personal victories is how your Championship Life is lived!


How do you boost drive and determination?

What is the difference between a good employee and a fantastic one?

What will new ideas and fresh perspectives do for morale and the bottom line?

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If not you, then who?


What will change if you do nothing?


What is it you really want?

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Are your list of "should's" keeping you from your list of wants?

How do you really envision your life and legacy?

Are your goals in alignment with to your values, vision, and mission? 

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"DrJRich gives high achievers (and ordinary people) valuable insight into the belief systems that run their lives — often invisibly — while giving us all tools to upgrade our beliefs to help us achieve our dreams. ...a smart investment in one’s future."

Lee McCormack
CEO, Author, Educator

"Working with Dr. Jason Richardson has turned out to be one of the most transformational experiences in my life. Knowing that he works with Olympic level athletes as well as business professionals, I was intrigued enough to see how he could help me break through some of my own personal boundaries. While we focused on my main goals together, the biggest surprise to me was how his help trickled down to every aspect of my life. Whether you’re working through a business hurdle, personal life battle, or looking to get to the next level of athletic competition, Dr. Jason Richardson has the tools to help you grow beyond those goals. Once things begin to click into place for you (as they began to for me) you will realize how valuable Dr. J. Rich’s help is. He truly helps you learn how to develop the “Mindset of a Winner” in all aspects of “Business, Sport, and Life” (to use his words!) If you feel like there is more out there for you in any aspect of life, Dr. Jason Richardson can help you find that in yourself and drive you forward towards your goals. Thank you Dr. J Rich!"

Michael Gonzalez
Product Manager

"I have used a sports psychologist throughout most of my professional cycling career. I find it helps work out solutions to a wide variety of dilemmas a lot faster and with unbiased perspective. “Dr. J-RICH” has been a part of my performance team for about a year, but I have known him for a very long time from his previous career as a professional athlete. He understands the pressure of top performance, has lived a worldly life, and is a champion himself. Beyond those amazing qualities he is very funny and easy to relate to. Some of his metaphors, and common terms have me smiling for days. Bottom line is that belief in myself and my abilities have won so many titles. Dr. J ensures I keep myself in an open state of mind to keep checking off boxes so that I am able to stand at the top of em:) thx-"

Jill Kintner
Olympic Bronze Medalist, World Champion Mountain Biker

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