dr.jrich is a World Champion and Pan Am Games Gold Medalist. While competing as a professional Athlete, Jason earned his MBA in and a Doctorate in Psychology. dr.jrich delivers the Gold Medal Mindset for a Championship Life as a sought after speaker, trainer, and consultant working with high performance athletes and executives. He also is the voice of his sport, commentating all international events for TV and Webcasts.

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jason has delivered his Gold Medal Mindset as a speaker, author, and trainer to some of the world's most well known brands and publications.

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What is the point if we are not enjoying our success, sharing our wins, or teaching what we have learned?

You may have noticed that jason DOES NOT use capitals in his name or branding... The reason for this is due to the face that his work is not about him.

The work is all about YOU.

dr.jrich has helped athletes earn positions on their respective Olympic teams, win gold at he X-Games, and win national titles in surfing. ALL of his coaching clients work to live the Championship Life - winning in their business, sport, and life!

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