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Psychology of Success & Winning Mindset 

Motivational & Keynote Speaking

Corporate Events & College Teams
Perfectly Suited - jason is a World Champion Athlete and PanAm Games Gold Medalist. Since 2010, dr. j rich has worked with 9 Olympians, 3 Olympic Medalists, and delivered Numerous Motivational / Keynote talks and training s to some of the largest public and private entities know today. He has been featured in several publications such as USA Today and Inc., and as an on-air guest for ESPN Radio and the OAN Network.   


Just a kid from Jersey

Traveling the world and getting paid to represent major brands was an experience less than 1% get to have. Little did I know, that was only the beginning...

Before the travel, money, and school, I was - and still am - just a kid from South Jersey.

I'm grateful for my education. However, I am in indebted to the lessons learned during those hours in the gym, laps turned on the track, and countless hours on a bike, in a car, or on a plane. It was there that I learned the power of mindset, belief, action, and emotional control. My education allowed me to reengineer my failures and successes with decades and decades of proven research.

All of us are "just a kid from somewhere" and there is excellence in all of us. The question is:
How big do you want to play?


Speaking to you

My job is to poke, prod, provoke, inspire, motivate, challenge, support, trust, listen, speak, educate, train, understand, question, push, learn, coach, coax, cajole, and yes, even harass you into becoming the BEST POSSIBLE YOU in all aspects of your business, sport, and life.


The methods I employ are based on research in neuroscience, positive psychology, leadership, and cognitive-behavioral science. Most importantly, for you, my personal experiences that lead to successful life transitions inclusive of World Championship and Olympic Success.

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