Responsibility to Expectations W/ World Champ and Olympian Sam Willoughby

Sam Willoughby has everything a coach dreams of in an athlete: #Determination, work ethic, #mentaltoughness, and the will to #win.
Sam is also everything someone would want in a son, brother, or friend: Envy of the other parents, Loyal, and fun.
At only 17, he moved to the USA from Australia to see his dreams come true as a professional athlete. World Titles, Olympic medal, money in the bank, and setting new records in the sport of BMX at an alarming rate. THAT WAS HIS LIFE!

Just weeks after a disappointing second Olympic appearance, Sam Willoughby suffered a career ending spinal injury - turning his life inside out.

How did he achieve so much as such a young age? 
How did he handle the pressure?
What was it like to move to another country alone at 17?

What do you do when the unthinkable happens?

Find all of this out and more on the #GoldMedalMindset Podcast

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