SLaM Training
Strengths, Leadership, and Mindset

A scientific and human approach to high performance in the workplace.

Take advantage of each persons inherent traits and strengths

Higher Engagement
More Efficiency
Better Communication
Increased ROI

Facilitated by:
Dr. Jason Richardson, MBA & Gregg Frederick, CSE, MBA  (for team training)

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See the blindspots. Identify career derailers, and increase commitment from each team member.

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Sound decision-making vs. speedy / "hasty" decision-making. Position each person for success.

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Increase capacity for strategic and tactical thinking. Breed innovation and through ownership of duties.


Build a better team from within!

This is an immersive experience where we will take a deep dive into your team’s:

Personality traits
- (Assessments provided)
- (Assessments provided)
Belief systems
Current circumstances
Typical response patterns
Goals | Targets

The purpose of this session is to give your team opportunity objectively evaluate their performance through a lens of personality, strengths, interpersonal dynamics, and group culture. 

After our session has concluded, each person will have a personalized document detailing the experience and actions to take moving forward.

Benefits for you:
- How / where to best spend your energy and time.
- Your blindspots and how to avoid them.
- More effective communication.
- New performance tools to help you do the work.

- Ongoing accountability calls.
- Specific performance matrix based on your current make-up.
- Next steps for current team members.
- Next-hire predictability (for teams and managers).

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All The Tools You Need To Perform Strongly.   


Lack of engagement, attrition, burnout, and high within-team competition disrupt the flow of business which leads to poor communication and falling short of goals.


  • Pinpoint blind spots with you and your team.
  • Develop strategies and compensatory measures to perform cohesively and efficiently; meeting or exceeding KPIs.

Virtual or Onsite Training:

We address high performance through two lenses: Mindset / Personal values.

All participants will take two brief assessments. (Because the results of their assessments are literally who they are, we have found that participants are very engaged in this process.) The purpose is to help you find more meaning in what you're doing and realize the impact on others, including customers, team, and community.

Reliable and Valid Assessment

Clifton Strengthsfinder™ - What do you bring to the table?
Identify the innate talents of each member. We then map the team’s strengths with customized reports that allow each employee to bring their best selves to work every day. We will train management to use the tool (map) to increase motivation and communication amongst the individuals to achieve the team goals.

Workplace Big Five Profile™ - Exactly who is on your team?
Detailed report on individual work styles and preferences that can be leveraged to accomplish business objectives such as:

  • Improved team communication and productivity.
  • Leadership development.
  • Selecting best-fit candidates.
  • Understanding behavioral tendencies and how they impact employee alignment, engagement, and productivity.

This tool will help management in producing a measurable increase in individual performance for the organization. It also minimizes turnover and maximizes engagement.


Translate the pro athlete mindset as it applies to successful performance for the individual & team as a whole.

  • The shift from limiting beliefs to liberating beliefs.
  • Neuropsychology and Positive Psychology application to business and personal performance.
  • Growth mindset practice implementation based on strengths and traits

**Everything is mapped out for you based on your unique strength and personality make-up. We can even help you find the right fit with your next hire!**

Ongoing training support: 

Accountability is crucial. We can design an individual package or group package to make sure the winning plan is implemented. Ether way, we plan on working with you AS you succeed!

  • Deep dive in team dynamics. Individuals don’t need to be well-rounded, but the best teams ARE well-rounded!
  • Align individual strengths and traits to your organization's performance metrics.
  • Identify opportunities to further increase engagement through scientifically researched questions.

    You are not just going to be inundated with information. The purpose of our training is to actually make an impact on you. We work with you to create a time and space within your workflow.

Make sure the right person is doing the right things for all of the right reasons.

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