Practice to PROfession.

The Business of Psychology Expanded.

The education they didn't give us in grad school!

Too many great therapist find themselves bogged down by cancellations, no-shows, new client acquisition, and dealing with insurance companies.  

If and when you manage to get paid, the hourly rate on your time, expertise, and admin associated doesn't always pencil out-- especially after you factor in your overhead (rent, insurance, fees, CEUs, etc.), the enormous amount of schooling you endured--not to mention the student loans! 

Practice to PROfession helps you, the therapist and other health service providers create income streams outside of the traditional model--allowing for more flexibility with a focus on YOUR specific talents and skills.

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Turn Your Practice Into a Profession !


Breaking Free!

Dr. Jason Richardson was in practice just like you and noticed very quickly that the traditional clinical model of therapy was actually limiting his dreams... and work! Fortunately, his background in professional sports & marketing, along with an MBA, has allowed him to create a business with flexibility AND opportunities to earn income outside of the office.

This is good news for you! Whether you're a student, early career practitioner, or have been licensed for several years--there are ways for you to expand your business and message that will allow you to earn more and help more people. Practice to PROfession is the catalyst that will breathe new life in to your career!


There is a reason why you chose to helps others. Why not explore ways that utilize your specific gifts, talents, and knowledge to expand your reach and help more people?


Mental Health Professionals delivering  goods and services to help EVERYONE---not just those with a diagnosis.


Too many people don't know you, what you do, or how you can help them. You and your skills are not a commodity--you are an asset! Your waiting room is not just in your office! 

The Knowledge

The Business of Psychology

The Psychology of Business

Find Your Niche

Branding / Marketing

Product / Service / Delivery


The Process

After your free initial strategy session, you will begin the Practice to PROfession process at LEVEL 1--an intensive 1 on 1 training where you will learn the knowledge and leave with a plan to execute your new business strategy. Next is LEVEL 2, Business Launch Assistance, which is ongoing support for 6 months as you work through the implementation of your plan. Please keep in mind that you must complete LEVEL 1 first.

Level 1: 1 on 1 Intensive Training

Face to face via in-person or virtual (Skype, FaceTime, Etc.) - up to 3 hours.

  • Vision: Where are you going?
  • Mission/purpose : Why do we exist? Who is the customer you want to serve?
  • Strategic Priorities: What  to focus on to achieve your Vision?
  • Action planning for the strategic priorities.
  • Clear list of goals, objectives, and new biz implementation plan. 

Level 2: Business Launch Assistance

  • 6 Months ongoing consulting
  • Meet 3x per month
  • Specific Goals/Timeline
  • Business planning
  • Problem solving in real time

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Here are two amazing bonuses you get for free by signing up for LEVEL 1 Today!


Access to The Network

One of the reasons why Jason is able to implement so quickly is due to his vast network of professionals outside of psychology with their own HUGE success in business, online marketing, and finance!


Templates that WORK!

There is no need to figure out everything. Jason is happy to share his proven templates for offers, contracts, outlines, and more! All you'll want to do is put your brand at the top and your new prospects will be signing on the dotted line!

Practice to PROfession

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