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High Performance Psychology

Boost your performance with a proven and uniquely qualified champion.

I, Jason Richardson will be your direct point of contact as we develop strategies, insights and systems to grow your opportunites, strengthen relationships, and improve your health.

We will use a cognitive, behavioral, and human approach to move you closer to and/or achieve your goals. This means performing at your best when it counts and growing your opportunities in the process!

My service is about leveraging inherent strengths, skills, and talents. We will restructure how you think, perceive yourself, and view the world to move forward.


You (The Client)

  • Commitment to our work
  • Weekly Reporting/check-in via Text, Voicemail, or Email
  • Adherence to training concepts and practices for implementation
  • Responsiveness to communications
  • Willingness to be open and challenged


Me (Dr. Jason Richardson)

  • Personal Coaching & Consulting 
  • Guidance on mindset (Psycho-education, Neuro-psych)
  • Positive Psychology Practices/Tools
  • Access to my materials and publications
  • Access to my professional contacts as needed/warranted
  • Spot-coaching
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MBH Process

Success + Health + Fulfillment = #ChampionshipLife

Ways we can win together!

Personal Coaching (6 months)

Centered around you
Performance Based
Empricially Validated Processes

Please know I am a clinically trained psychologist, coach, AND former World Champion athlete with an MBA. Outcomes are not gauranteed.

However, the following is certain provided you do the work:
- Uncover negative behavioral patterns
- Gain clarity & insight re: wants, goals, and expecations
- Improved physical emotional health
- Increased EQ
- Sustainable success habits
- Transferable skills across domains
- Neurological rewiring (brain change)
- You become a stronger person

After your application has been reviewed and accepted:
Sesssion packages may be purchased in groups of 12 or 24, or we may decide a retainer package of is better suited to help you meet your goals. Retainer packages are offered in 3, 6, & 12 month increments.

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Super Session (half-day)

This intensive half-day experience is  an objective evaluation of your life across all domains. You will leave with a clear and executable plan to level up in your business, sport, and life.

Assessment & Tools used:

Big 5 Personality Assessment
Belief Matrix
Hero Hierarchy

After our session has concluded, you will have a personalized document detailing the experience and actions to take moving forward.

Benefits for you:
- How / where to best spend your energy  and time.
- Identify your blindspots and avoid them
- More effectitve communication
- New performance tools to help you do the work

- 2 Accountability calls w. dr. j
- Ability to apply the cost of this session toward 6 months of coaching 


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"“Dr. J-RICH” has been a part of my performance team for about a year, but I have known him for a very long time from his previous career as a professional athlete. He understands the pressure of top performance, has lived a worldly life, and is a champion himself. Beyond those amazing qualities he is very funny and easy to relate to. Some of his metaphors, and common terms have me smiling for days. Bottom line is that belief in myself and my abilities have won so many titles. Dr. J ensures I keep myself in an open state of mind to keep checking off boxes so that I am able to stand at the top of em:) thx-”"

Jill Kintner
Pro Mountain Biker | Olympic Medalist

"“All my life I’ve had a passion for two things: bicycles and competition. After years of dedication, I was fortunate enough to compete at an elite level, travel the world, and live out my childhood dreams. However, injuries ultimately ended my racing career. Retiring from competition created a void in my life. Sensing this, Dr. Jason challenged and encouraged me to create and achieve new goals. Inspired by Dr. Jason, I decided to pursue a career as a lawyer. Since then, he has helped me manage the demands of the profession. His tailored approach has given me the confidence to succeed. I am thankful to Dr. Jason for helping me successfully transition into my new career.”"

Chris Powell
Corporate Attorney | Former Pro Mountain Biker (He is still fast 💨)

"We really enjoy working with Jason because he is an inspiration! He’s supportive and genuinely has our best interest at heart! We appreciate the fact that he listens to and acknowledges our concerns—helping us explore various ways to win! We’ve learned just because youʼve been doing things the same way your whole doesn’t mean there aren’t better ways to do them. Thank you!!"

Marc Coleman and Teresa Shumacher
The Lunch 🥙 & Cookie 🍪 Gurus
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More. Better. Happier.

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