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Team with a Champion to increase performance!

I, Jason Richardson will be your direct point of contact as we develop strategies, insights and systems to grow and improve your life as it pertains to enterprise, growing companies, and individuals. We will use a cognitive, behavioral, and human approach to move you closer to and/or achieve your goals. This means performing at your best when it counts and growing your opportunities in the process!

My service is about leveraging inherent strengths, skills, and talents. We will restructure how you think, perceive yourself, and view the world to move forward.


You (The Client)

  • Commitment to our work
  • Weekly Reporting/check-in via Text, Voicemail, or Email
  • Adherence to training concepts and practices for implementation
  • Responsiveness to communications
  • Willingness to be open and challenged


Me (Dr. Jason Richardson)

  • Personal Coaching & Consulting 
  • Guidance on mindset (Psycho-education, Neuro-psych)
  • Positive Psychology Practices/Tools
  • Access to my materials and publications
  • Access to my professional contacts as needed/warranted
  • Spot coaching as needed


The value of our relationship is in our personal, trusting, and open contact, not in frequency or onsite visits. 

Trust is the essential element. I will regard the specifics of our discussions as strictly confidential, covered by nondisclosure agreements (if you choose), and not to be repeated without your explicit permission.

More. Better. Happier.


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