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Clear goals and thoughts bring specific results.

Just a 2% shift in perspective or behavior can have an exponential positive effect in your world!

As you know, there IS no easy way to success and fulfillment. What I do, is make it simple, sustainable, and tailored for you! The value in our work will allow you to blast through ceilings and raise the floor of your capabilities.

I am totally in your corner, walking the very same walk.

dr. rich


The Real Deal

There are very few "coaches" who can boast the accolades, and very few with the accolades that can coach. Jason delivers on both accounts for all of his clients.

Dr. Jason Richardson’s methods are based on research in neuroscience, positive psychology, leadership, and cognitive-behavioral science. More importantly, he is able to draw from his personal experience as an athlete, student, entrepreneur, and family man that lead to successful life transitions inclusive of World Championship and Olympic Success.

Winning More

“Dr. J-RICH” has been a part of my performance team for about a year, but I have known him for a very long time from his previous career as a professional athlete. He understands the pressure of top performance, has lived a worldly life, and is a champion himself. Beyond those amazing qualities he is very funny and easy to relate to. Some of his metaphors, and common terms have me smiling for days. Bottom line is that belief in myself and my abilities have won so many titles. Dr. J ensures I keep myself in an open state of mind to keep checking off boxes so that I am able to stand at the top of em:) thx-”

Jill Kintner, Olympic Bronze Medalist, World Champion Mountain Biker

Living Happier

“All my life I’ve had a passion for two things: bicycles and competition. After years of dedication, I was fortunate enough to compete at an elite level, travel the world, and live out my childhood dreams. However, injuries ultimately ended my racing career. Retiring from competition created a void in my life. Sensing this, Dr. Jason challenged and encouraged me to create and achieve new goals. Inspired by Dr. Jason, I decided to pursue a career as a lawyer. Since then, he has helped me manage the stress created by law school. His tailored approach has given me the confidence to succeed. I am thankful to Dr. Jason for helping me successfully transition into my new career.”

- Chris Powell, Esq. Retired Pro Mountain Biker, Former Editor-in-Chief, California Western Law Review

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