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Rob Irwin, Ph.D. - Belief | Feelings | Actions | Results | Golf!

Dr. Rob has been helping others reach their full potential since 1995. Through neuroscience and his creation of the Belief Matrix™, Rob discovered a way to pinpoint the negative beliefs that holds people back. From there, he works with clients to build better beliefs with evidenced-based cognitive techniques.

Dr. Irwin works closely with Keynote Speaker, Dr. Jason Richardson to deliver Group/Team Brain Training Workshops and 90-Day Challenges aimed at harnessing the power of Neuroscience and Sport Psychology to help people realize their optimal states in sport, business, life, and of course - on the Golf Course!  


Kerry King, Ph.D. - Post Doctorate Fellow, Supervised by Jason Richardson, PsyD. - PSY 24583
Sport Psychology Consultant | Player Development | Emotion Control  
Dr. King consults with individuals and teams for performance enhancement.  She has recognized the need for player development services for athletes with a history of intense involvement in their sport. Athletes who have a strong role-identity with their sport may show signs of a developmental gap from lack of typical adolescent, young adult, or school experiences. Kerry's specialty is helping people bridge those gaps to excel in sport and life.

Dr. King has been an active member in the United States Tennis Association for many years and continues to play in USTA tournament in Southern California.  She is also a member of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP), and the American Psychological Association (APA) Division-47 (Exercise and Sport Psychology). Dr. King is happy to answer any questions in regards to the sport psychology field and practice.  She is also available to travel as a sport psychology consultant with individuals and teams.