“Dr. Richardson has the rare ability to demystify our inner dialog and to invigorate our performance potential. This book will challenge your belief systems and help you trust the still voice inside that says, “You’re All Right!””

- Clarence M. Lee, Jr. MD, MBA, Author: “Well, My Mom Says…” @cmleejr

"This book is an extremely valuable read.  Dr. JRich’s insight humanizes the psychology of the competitive edge through relevant stories that we can all integrate into our lives.  His insight over the years has increased my personal Psychological Capital as a business owner and executive coach, I will be using many of the strategies in “It’s All B.S.” to give my clients a competitive edge."

- Gregg Frederick, CSE, Principal, G3 Development Group Inc. @g3leadership

"As a professional athlete and Olympic medalist, there is a lot of information in this book that I can relate to. Dr. JRich has lived on both sides of psychology and sports worlds. Having been a top athlete himself, he has a unique understanding of this mindset, as well as a great story telling ability that is funny “AND" relatable. Dr. JRich has helped me see things from another perspective to be able to move through challenges that might otherwise be draining.   

The bottom line about belief systems is that you can be anything you want to be if you are willing to work for it. There are no shortcuts, but having Dr. JRich’s healthy optimism steer you in the right direction is worth its weight in Gold!"

- Jill Kintner, Olympic Bronze Medalist, 3 Time World Champion @Jillkintner


" It’s All B.S.”  is far from empty optimism! This book provides practical and tangible insight into how to win when it matters most---in life! Dr. Richardson provides an immersive reading experience of cornerstone psychological concepts that lead to a new level of ownership of our lives.”

- Anthony Hylick, PhD, Scientist @IBMResearch, Founder of @equbed, Co-Author of @PlanBsucksBook, @anthonyhylick

"In the noisy world of “how-to-live-your-life" books, “It’s All B.S...” cuts through, speaking the language of generations, committed to winning the game of life. I’ve seen "Dr.JRich" drive these powerful messages on stage, and in daily practice. He walks his talk, in deep and meaningful ways, which strengthens his unique approach and ensures results, time and again.

This book will rock your belief systems to the point where you will be compelled to get Dr. Jason Richardson on YOUR team; in front of your audience. He’s got your back; totally in your corner!"

— Lynn Abaté-Johnson, Founder and CEO, People Forward @peoplefw

More Praise

"We can't put it down , there's so many ways to apply this knowledge to your everyday life & business. The best part of this book is that there's a "takeaway" on every single page!! Thanks for keeping it "REAL" Dr. JRich! We value your expertise Dr. Irwin! We're already anticipating the next one.. #itsallBSbook" 

~ Team Schuco

"What are the true obstacles that prevent us from achieving our goals and performing at the highest level? In this straightforward, highly readable book, Dr. JRich avoids the pitfalls of most self-help books.

No ponderous, dull prose, no slick, glib, superficial solutions. Using humor, graphics, anecdotes and analogies, the author examines the tired, worn-out language of clichés and the archaic, limiting belief systems that our ingrained in our culture and often stymie our performance.

With his easy, fluid style, the author provides his strategy for success in any field."

~Susan Ross, Retired Educator

"Simply put, this book changed how I perceive our world. As a past athlete, business owner, and father of two, I found this book very helpful in helping me tackle life's everyday obstacles and challenges with a whole new perspective. I highly recommend picking up a copy. You will not be disappointed." 

~ Mark Zalewski