Homework is so last century W/ Mark Barnes - @MarkBarnes19

Mark Barnes is a longtime educator, bestselling author, Founder of Times 10 Publications and the creator of the Hack Learning Series. Mark is the author of six education books, including Assessment 3.0, Role Reversal (a 2013 Best Professional Book), and two books in Corwin’s Connected Educators Series. Mark co-authored Hack Learning’s Flagship Book: Hacking Education: 10 Quick Fixes for Every School. Reaching nearly 5 million people every month on Twitter, @markbarnes19 is one of education’s most recognizable engagers. Mark also owns and operates Brilliant or Insane–a Teach100 Top 25 education blog. Mark is a popular keynote speaker and education presenter; if you’d like to bring him to your school or conference, Him hereFollow @markbarnes19. #HackLearning #Teacher #Education #Cleveland