What happens when you lose your dream job? Learn how Kenan Harkin bounced back!

Action Sports, BMX tricks and a home that has been transformed into a working sanctuary for reptiles are not exactly a typical life-path, unless of course, you are Kenan Harkin. Kamp Kenan is the reptile breeding and conservation haven in Southern Florida, created by the former pro #BMX rider and action sports announcer. The sanctuary protects more than 500 exotic and endangered reptiles with a mission focused on educating children about the value of these creatures, and the challenges they face in the modern world.

When Kenan is not traveling the world for live televised sporting events, he can be found waist deep in swamps, forests and his own backyard working with the animals he loves. A lifetime’s worth of expertise in animal husbandry and creating assurance colonies has made Kamp Kenan a go-to facility for the Turtle Survival Alliance and earned Harkin recognition as the 2013 Reader’s Choice Chelonian Breeder of the Year (The Reptile Report). 

Kenan #believes there is a scientist in all of us and that education is the key to promoting a passion for discovery and understanding of the world around us. By bringing these rare and beautiful creatures into the classroom via web-based live video Kamp Kenan can reach schools all over the United States, creating a friendly, safe and intimate relationship between the students and the reptiles.

Harkin’s experience as a television personality, working with NBC Sports, CBS Sports, Red Bull, Outside Television and FuelTV, as well as his background as a former professional BMX rider make him an ideal spokesperson for reaching young people and making science fun. He is known for his colorful commentary and humorous sideline reports in both the world of action sports and the #Olympics. Kenan is also considered a pioneer in the sport of freestyle BMX and is credited as the first rider to successfully perform a 360 back flip in competition.

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