What's Really Going on Out There!?

Dr. Robi Ludwig is a regular on the National and Cable News Networks. She is the go-to expert on the psychological aspects of the issues that affect us all - #Politics, #Health, #Business. Listen in as she tells us how to be more discriminating with the information we consume.

In this Episode:
Starting Yesterday
Staying in Your Lane
Doing things ethically


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4 Reasons Why We Fail

Some hard truths are learned as we go through #business, #Sport, and #life. Maybe the reasons why we fail are:

1. We are not doing enough
2. We pull out to soon
3. We don't really want what we say we want
4. We are not good enough....  YET!

Have a listen. 

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Making It Bigger Than Yourself w/ Alise Post

Alise Post is an #Olympic Medalist, #WorldChampion, and National Champion. The road has not always been paved in gold. Life has tested this champion's mettle more than any of her competitors could on the track. Get in to the Mindset of a Champion as we have a very candid conversation about Sport and Life.

In this episode:

- The ascension of a champion

- Going ALL-IN when supporting your kids

- Finding #success early

- Losing a #parent early

- Dealing with and #defeating unresolved trauma

- Making other people your #Priority

- The Dream Coming True

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4 Reasons Why We Fail. Can you Handle them?

1. You might not be doing enough...!
  Are you practicing the 3rd shift?

2. You might have just pulled out too soon.
What was your story as to why you let your dream go?

3. Maybe you don't want what you say you want?
...otherwise, save your #energy.

4. Maybe your just not good enough....

#success #athletespeaker #keynotespeaker #corporatetrainer #GoldMedalMindset

Emerge a Leader w/ Gregg Frederick

Gregg Frederick comes back on the show to talk about Emerging as a Leader. Learn the latest leadership trends and the importance of Emotional Intelligence in Business and Sales.

In this Episode:

Impact of 1st Impressions

How Mindset sets you up to close

Positional Power vs Real Power

Gregg has an ugly cowboy shirt

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Learn to PERSIST w/ Clarence M Lee Jr. MD MBA

Back with Clarence M. Lee Jr. MD MBA, as he talks about his new book, PERSIST! Learn how to beat the things that make us quit.

In this episode, Learn:

What makes us quit

How DR.JRICH inspired a chapter

The problem with comfort

...and WHY YOU NEED to attend IPD Philly!

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Perfectly Honest w/ Liam Phillips

Liam Phillips is a World Champion and Olympian finding Common Ground as a leader in his sport and Entrepreneur.
Learn the approach to high performance and how this Champ holds himself accountable to high standards.

In this Episode:

How Liam Philips went from #GoodToGreat

How Gold Medal Mindset applies to running a #business

Good #coffee talk

#Leadership and #Value by being of service

Finding @CommonGroundALT


Moving Toward Your Health w/ Dr. Jon Rojjanasrirat

Meet Dr. Jon... A Chiropractor who helps people move toward their optimal health. Learn how he battled sickness himself and teaches others how to live well on a cellular level.

In this episode: The Health Spectrum, Inflammation, East vs. West medicine, & The Wellness Cafe

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YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAOpNfZFP9089Lt2rvLdcdw

IG: https://www.instagram.com/drrojjana/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathan-rojjanasrirat-7a696674/

Wellness Cafe Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-wellness-caf%C3%A9-with-dr-jon/id1169878540?mt=2

Optimal Spine Center: http://www.optimalspinecenter.com/about/

Your Real Age: https://www.teloyears.com/home/

What if we asked, What if...? w/ Matt Murrie

What if we all asked, "What if...?", more often? Ted X Speaker and #Curiosity Curator, @MattMurrie talks #Education, #Entrepreneurship, and #Technology. How these intersect and WHAT WE CAN DO Today to get in on the action.

For more on Matt Murrie click the following links below:

What if...? 360-YouTube   

Watch his TedX Talk  

Read him at HuffPost

...and the BIG BOOK OF WHAT IF...?

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Responsibility to Expectations W/ World Champ and Olympian Sam Willoughby

Sam Willoughby has everything a coach dreams of in an athlete: #Determination, work ethic, #mentaltoughness, and the will to #win.
Sam is also everything someone would want in a son, brother, or friend: Envy of the other parents, Loyal, and fun.
At only 17, he moved to the USA from Australia to see his dreams come true as a professional athlete. World Titles, Olympic medal, money in the bank, and setting new records in the sport of BMX at an alarming rate. THAT WAS HIS LIFE!

Just weeks after a disappointing second Olympic appearance, Sam Willoughby suffered a career ending spinal injury - turning his life inside out.

How did he achieve so much as such a young age? 
How did he handle the pressure?
What was it like to move to another country alone at 17?

What do you do when the unthinkable happens?

Find all of this out and more on the #GoldMedalMindset Podcast

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The Other Side of FEAR w/ Darleen Santore @TheCoachDar

Learn how to be, live, and serve well... Oh - and have fun doing it! Darleen Santore exposes the #truth about success, trust, and coaching at the highest levels.

In This podcast:
Learn what is on the other side of FEAR
What trust and rapport REALLY look like
How to come back from Injury
How to #Rebuild and #REBRAND yourself
...and how to have #Fun in the #process!

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WEB CoachDar.Com

Pay it Forward Day

Revealing the #TRUTH w/ Screen Actor & World Champion #Athlete Matt Pohlkamp

Go deep with Screen Actor & World Champion Athlete Matt Pohlkamp. Learn how he Applies mindset to his method of Acting and #winning in life.

In this episode you will #learn:
The journey is long, and it will be over before you know it
Trading Fears to succeed
#Work Trumps talent
Talking yourself into competition (swim story..)

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Learn your Human Potential w/ Dr. Josh Handt

In this episode, Dr. Josh Handt talks about accessing your #HUMAN POTENTIAL, finding your purpose, and what true #health looks like on a cellular level. 

In this episode you will learn:
What vitality truly looks like
The truth about Health... and Chiropractic
How eastern and western health can play nice
Why you should invest in your health

For more on Dr. Josh Handt, you can find him here: Handt Family Chiropractic
on Twitter: @DrJoshHandt 
and Facebook: LifeStyle Locker

Addicted to Redemption w/ Substance Abuse Speaker Tony Hoffman

Substance Abuse Speaker Tony Hoffman shows how Clear vision sets the course, Real Action Multiplies Potential, and Belief in one's gifts can lead to redemption and a Championship Life!  

In this Episode you will learn:
Why it is important to Just SAY NO!
The difference between Micro and Macro Habits
How to put a plan in ACTION
Why it is important to have CLARITY on what you want
Why it is not really all about YOU!

For more on Tony Hoffman, Please find him here: TonyHoffmanSpeaking @TonyMHoffman

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Gettin' There and Stayin' There w/ 2 x Olympic Gold Maris Strombergs

   The man known as The Machine teaches us how he taps in to his HUMAN-ness to win big in big situations. 

In this Podcast you will learn:
How to get better as you get older
When it is time to train smarter and not harder
How a champion learns from his mentors
What confidence can do when you know you have done the work
How to win in YOUR WAY

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Success Through Service w/ former SF 49er Otis Amey - @otisamey

Otis Amey is an SF BAY area legend! Running with ball in hand to success at the highest level as an #NFL #PRO. He, however, did not stop there - Life took it's turns and so did the business of football. Hear how this Champ is teaching other to run to their own respective touchdowns in life.

In this podcast you will learn:

What it truly means to #DECIDE
How a #proathlete ascends through the ranks
Why living in your feelings is NOT a recipe for #production
How to test your #WHY


Working Through the PAIN w/ Arielle Martin-Verhaaren @AMV15

Sometimes, the world has different plans for us despite our plans. How do we keep the #BELIEF when we are at our most vulnerable? What does it take to work through the pain? Find out how this Olympic Qualifying champion managed the biggest upsets to #triumph in life.


In this Podcast you will:
Change your perspective on Catastrophic
Learn the power of Family connection
Understand how Vulnerability gives you #POWER

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