STOP Wasting Energy....!

Let's get right to it...

You may have heard from me, "Feelings are fuel." 

I truly believe you can perform at your best despite how you feel.

That said, all of us at some time or another have found ourselves wishing we had more in the tank by the end of the day, the competition, or the family get together.  

Here are 4 energy zappers that keep us from the winner's circle more often.

Worrying - What are you worrying about? Odds are it is about some future event or outcome that has not happened yet. Concern is good. That keeps you in the NOW. Worry, however, tends to stop forward progress by killing the present moment. The key here is to MAKE TIME to address your concern. Then DO SOMETHING about it. 

Comparing - Insert the "greener grass" cliche here! The opposite of gratitude is NOT ungratefulness... it's COMPARING! Take inventory of what you DO HAVE. No one is asking you not to pay attention to the competition or the lay of the land. Checking-up is part of the game but comparing yourself is always a losing battle. It is your duty to create and nurture your own sense of self!

Complaining - Full disclosure... I was guilty of this and it was my achilles heel for many years early on in my Pro Athlete days. Sure there were unfair rules, bad venues, and shady promoters. There was also someone who was going to win and several who were going to be watching on the sidelines come finals time. My complaining kept my eyes off of the task at hand. It also casted a negative (and often hopeless) light my chosen profession. In other words, the constant complaining only wore me down and made me bitter... not better.

Making things Complicated - I have just one word... GOLF! Yes, golf! I do not play. However, as complex as the game is, the objective (as I understand it) is this. Hit the ball in to the hole in as few strokes possible. Yet, how many apps, do-hickies, gadgets, straps, clubs, handles, measurers, DOLLARS, are spent in trying to do this? No disrespect to the game. IT IS HARD. But, I see this in other sports, in the boardroom and the classroom. I swear... learning the "tools" that organize and streamline take more time and waste more energy than just getting right to it. PUT THE BALL IN THE HOLE, Y'ALL!

**Fighting (the wrong fights) - This one gets a asterisks because we tend to do this, when we are guilty of Worrying, Complaining, Comparing, and Making things Complex.

For instance... I have been wanting to engage my list for some time.  BUT, I didn't.

Then, when I started to think about it, I worried about what I would say, how to automate it, would there be a call to action... blah blah.  

So, then.... I complained - Only after my first automation attempt (recall the Listen up and Level up email with NO content?)

Thus, I wasted time and energy fighting the wrong fight(s).  

The point of me engaging you is to offer you something YOU CAN USE TO MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER.... PERIOD!!! <-- (ironic use of word and punctuation)

Rather than worrying about X, and complaining about Y;

Or making things complicated with all this BS (sound familiar?) in my head about email lists;

Instead of battling with systems and funnels...

I  decided to talk to you, as I always have. Because THAT is what I do!

What is it you want to do? 
Your Author, Speaker, Mindset Coach

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