How'd THAT Get There? Evolution!?

As simple as the best things in life can be, life itself is more complex. We drive at high rates of speed on the freeways of our cities and states while texting (you didn’t just read/hear that), messing with the radio, rewrapping your child’s burger to hand him in the back seat, AND thinking about all the stuff that happened or all the stuff you “gotta do” when you arrive to wherever it is you are speeding. Yet, we still fumble when giving directions to places we drive everyday. “What was the name of that street, again? The one with the yellow house on the corner?” 

So much is packed in to our lives. The Google family calendar, work, homework, date nights, soccer, band practice, and more (ridiculous) homework. Lest we forget, somehow turning your passion in to a new career. Everyone is an entrepreneur these days. Apparently we’re all becoming “brands” instead of people. The more we pack in, the more we become impacted. All the while, our brains are sifting through the interpreted data for the stuff that will allow us to get back home. (Note: things with meaning generally get priority over other things when it comes to the sifting.) All of us have a complex system of yes/no and if/then, else decision trees which become lit up by triggers, known and unknown.  

Our brains send information to certain places based on the connections we have – specific routing. Often, without us knowing how it got there and often throwing out superfluous information such as the names of streets, to maintain efficiency. The whole time this information is being transmitted, your brain is still keeping you alive – heart beating, eyes blinking, etc. We have become so efficient at being efficient, we don’t even realize the Fro-yo on the corner closed two months ago.  

What gets us in trouble is our inability to incorporate another system. There is a reason this is not being written on a typewriter - things evolve. Some of us, however, fail to evolve because we don’t want to, forget to, or are scared of evolution itself. We get comfortable in some of our ruts! 

Three questions you may want to ask:

  1. In which direction is my brain growing/changing/evolving?
  2. In which direction to I want my brain to grow/change/Evolve?
  3. What can I do to promote adaptations that will allow me to thrive?

People don’t go to bed weighing 175 lbs., with full head of hair only to wake up the next morning fat and bald! It happens over time. Time passes regardless of whether or not we move forward. 

What incremental changes can you make each day that can promote, Health, Wealth, and Happiness => WELLth...?

*Remember, your brain will eventually get used to the incremental changes - much like your receding hairline or wrinkles around your eyes.