Having it all!

Normally my posts are more outwardly focused. However, I felt compelled to share some thoughts about my weekend... It was perfect!  Why? 

As the picture shows, it was full of the family, friends, and activities with both. More importantly activities ALL OF US would choose to do in our free time. One of my favorite Authors/Consultants says, and I paraphrase, "Wealth is having the ability to do what you want to do with your discretionary time." This saying resonated with me not so much because of the sense it makes, but more so because of the wisdom and scalability. Meaning there is a slight checks and balances written between the lines. 

Basketball tournaments with the kids, black tie events with my wife, riding my bikes - two disciplines (BMX/MTB), and yes...even getting the garage and house sorted before Monday all proved to be a very "rich" experience. 

When I am keynote speaking, conducting a training, or even working 1:1, most people think of  "having it all" in terms of money and things. If they are not thinking in terms of money and things, then the next place they generally go to is "what they don't have". Be sure, I would be disingenuous if I said I don't want for anything - because I do want! I want for my family. I want for my clients. And, I want for myself.  Money, things, "stuff", experiences... I want all of those things for those with whom I am in contact.  BUT here is the punchline:

If we can appreciate what we already have AND focus on experience(s), then the money, things, "stuff" are just tools to have more experiences. Hopefully those experiences are with those whom you love and like as well.