With Whom Are You Competing?


Gratitude is a great way to fertilize the brain, setting the stage for what we really want...and need!

Gratitude helps to create room for new stuff to take root, as it is an essential part of “building new neurological connections” and readies us for our dreams to be realized. (Gratitude also helps us be in the moment!). 

“Learn to take pleasure in seeing other people get what they want. Even when you compete, be happy for those who win. Your feelings about a specific result don’t have to be a measure of how you feel about yourself. That person who won is also the person helping you become better. “ - #ItsAllBSBook Ch. 11

You have an arch-rival…. I know you do! 


- Contact this person and congratulate this person on his/her most recent success.

.....Yes, this may require you to get over yourself