13 Ways to LIE to yourself.

#13Ways To Lie

Below is a list of things we tell ourselves to tolerate the dissonance we experience re: Reaching and hitting our #goals, being more #happy, living more fully. The Ugly #truth is... the lies we tell ourselves become our reality. 

1. I am too old/young.

2. It's not possible. 

3. I am not ready. 

4. I will fail (or succeed?!).

5. I have no time/There is no time.

6. I am not good enough. 

7. I need to be realistic.

8. I need more money.

9. I have tried everything. 

10. "My" situation is different. 

11. My family is just "big boned."

12. I never win.

13. It takes money to make money.

If any of these sound familiar to you - either because you've heard them or said them - fear not. Our brains are designed to keep us alive and protect us physically, emotionally, and psychologically. 

Excuses are not results. Failure is okay. Losing is okay. Not stepping up to the plate, not playing all in, NOT entering the game, or even signing up is tragic! 

My mission is to help you reengineer your success by teaching you the language and actions top performers use in #sport, #business, and life. Once this is mastered, you will realize that the successes you want will come to you as soon as you truly begin to move toward them - and it begins with #BELIEF.