13 Ways to LIE to yourself.

#13Ways To Lie

Below is a list of things we tell ourselves to tolerate the dissonance we experience re: Reaching and hitting our #goals, being more #happy, living more fully. The Ugly #truth is... the lies we tell ourselves become our reality. 

1. I am too old/young.

2. It's not possible. 

3. I am not ready. 

4. I will fail (or succeed?!).

5. I have no time/There is no time.

6. I am not good enough. 

7. I need to be realistic.

8. I need more money.

9. I have tried everything. 

10. "My" situation is different. 

11. My family is just "big boned."

12. I never win.

13. It takes money to make money.

If any of these sound familiar to you - either because you've heard them or said them - fear not. Our brains are designed to keep us alive and protect us physically, emotionally, and psychologically. 

Excuses are not results. Failure is okay. Losing is okay. Not stepping up to the plate, not playing all in, NOT entering the game, or even signing up is tragic! 

My mission is to help you reengineer your success by teaching you the language and actions top performers use in #sport, #business, and life. Once this is mastered, you will realize that the successes you want will come to you as soon as you truly begin to move toward them - and it begins with #BELIEF.

Fit and finish.

You may have heard me say, "You can make a living beating people better than you!"...

I say that because that's how I made my wares as a professional athlete. When I seek out training for myself, I do not want to be the best in the room! When I conduct a Corporate Training, I am acutely aware of not only the talent and knowledge of those whom I am training, but also the FACT that there are other, possibly BETTER choices.

So... why am I telling you to look for someone better than me? Well, I don't need to tell you that because if you are looking for a corporate trainer or speaker, you are looking for someone who suits your teams wants, needs, and expectations. Hopefully, they also align with the character, values, and mission.

As a pro athlete, I learned early on that I didn't need to be the best to beat the best. It was about executing a very specific plan that accentuated my strengths and minimized my weaknesses. EVERYTHING was in progress during training, practice, and competition. Every race prepared me for the next. It was when I thought I had it all figured out... or when I wasn't necessarily challenged; that I found myself struggling.

In short:
I was at my best when I was working at being the best, NOT when I thought I was the best. 

How many times have we seen a professional team hire "the best" athlete, only to have an underwhelming season? How many times have we been surprised by the fact that "the best" statistical analysis led us down the wrong path... #Election2016, #NFLplayoffs, #FinalFour...? On paper, that investment should have been golden. On paper, that team should have won. On paper, that expert should have predicted X was going to happen. 

In Short:
The right person, may not be the best. The best person, may not be right.

As we all know (though may not practice), finding the right fit is more important than finding the best... whatever it is you are looking for. On the surface, sure, a Mercedes AMG, a Coach purse, or those trendy cupcakes or cookies everyone waits in line for may be the "best". But, in truth, once experienced, they may be unreliable, overrated, or just not that good. In TRUTH, what may be best for you, is that classic 911, a $40 tote bag, and the donuts from the Chinese lady who only takes cash. 

In Short:
There are many ways to be, show, and HAVE success. 

As a Corporate Trainer and Speaker, I DO NOT pretend to know more about YOUR business than you do. Your company has a mission. Your team has goals. Your organization has a culture. And mostly, I am guessing you not only want to win, but win in a way that meets your goals, satisfies  your mission and suits the culture.

In short:
It's about fit and finish. 

P.S. There is value to your feeling inadequate amongst other high achievers. The trick is to allow yourself to rise to the occasion and the company. It's a great opportunity to learn and practice humility.

STOP Wasting Energy....!

Let's get right to it...

You may have heard from me, "Feelings are fuel." 

I truly believe you can perform at your best despite how you feel.

That said, all of us at some time or another have found ourselves wishing we had more in the tank by the end of the day, the competition, or the family get together.  

Here are 4 energy zappers that keep us from the winner's circle more often.

Worrying - What are you worrying about? Odds are it is about some future event or outcome that has not happened yet. Concern is good. That keeps you in the NOW. Worry, however, tends to stop forward progress by killing the present moment. The key here is to MAKE TIME to address your concern. Then DO SOMETHING about it. 

Comparing - Insert the "greener grass" cliche here! The opposite of gratitude is NOT ungratefulness... it's COMPARING! Take inventory of what you DO HAVE. No one is asking you not to pay attention to the competition or the lay of the land. Checking-up is part of the game but comparing yourself is always a losing battle. It is your duty to create and nurture your own sense of self!

Complaining - Full disclosure... I was guilty of this and it was my achilles heel for many years early on in my Pro Athlete days. Sure there were unfair rules, bad venues, and shady promoters. There was also someone who was going to win and several who were going to be watching on the sidelines come finals time. My complaining kept my eyes off of the task at hand. It also casted a negative (and often hopeless) light my chosen profession. In other words, the constant complaining only wore me down and made me bitter... not better.

Making things Complicated - I have just one word... GOLF! Yes, golf! I do not play. However, as complex as the game is, the objective (as I understand it) is this. Hit the ball in to the hole in as few strokes possible. Yet, how many apps, do-hickies, gadgets, straps, clubs, handles, measurers, DOLLARS, are spent in trying to do this? No disrespect to the game. IT IS HARD. But, I see this in other sports, in the boardroom and the classroom. I swear... learning the "tools" that organize and streamline take more time and waste more energy than just getting right to it. PUT THE BALL IN THE HOLE, Y'ALL!

**Fighting (the wrong fights) - This one gets a asterisks because we tend to do this, when we are guilty of Worrying, Complaining, Comparing, and Making things Complex.

For instance... I have been wanting to engage my list for some time.  BUT, I didn't.

Then, when I started to think about it, I worried about what I would say, how to automate it, would there be a call to action... blah blah.  

So, then.... I complained - Only after my first automation attempt (recall the Listen up and Level up email with NO content?)

Thus, I wasted time and energy fighting the wrong fight(s).  

The point of me engaging you is to offer you something YOU CAN USE TO MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER.... PERIOD!!! <-- (ironic use of word and punctuation)

Rather than worrying about X, and complaining about Y;

Or making things complicated with all this BS (sound familiar?) in my head about email lists;

Instead of battling with systems and funnels...

I  decided to talk to you, as I always have. Because THAT is what I do!

What is it you want to do? 
Your Author, Speaker, Mindset Coach

P.S. Bringing me in for your next Corporate Training or Speaking engagement is super simple. Just contact me via this website and we can get started!!